Storyboards and a Day in the life of an Artist

So once I got my moolah, I was ready to roll! I started redoing boards and adding more panels to expand my original idea. I needed to flesh out the characters more and make decisions about style. I took ideas from my old pal Maurice Noble of course, and Cartoon Saloon’s “Secret of Kells”, as well as the Woodlands style of art.

I recorded a Day in the Life of an Artist, so you can see what I do all day. This was when I was doing the character designs and finishing storyboards. And yes sometimes you need to amuse yourself by creating a mini-horror movie in your head where you are almost murdered in the woods-we do have our fun! So check out my day, you can leave me comments too, I like comments!

More FOX facial expressions
OWL facial expressions
Some preliminary concept design to include a bit of the Woodlands art style


My co-workers
Burke my other co-worker-he works in the poop department-and he is in constant production! It’s quite inspiring. He looks like he is sleeping, but he is actually-you guessed it-making poop for later!

These are some of the storyboards I sent in for the grant applications I have since fleshed them out more, but many things have stayed the same.

Importance of dreaming0001 Importance of dreaming0002 Importance of dreaming0003 Importance of dreaming0004 Importance of dreaming0005 Importance of dreaming0006

I like how Lincoln thinks! Wait, the ax is your brain right? Is the tree the problem? Why am I cutting it down? I’d actually go get a chainsaw. Or maybe I wouldn’t. How long does it take to chop a tree with a dull ax? Is it less than 9 hrs? c’mon! I watch mountain men. What KIND of tree is it-there we go, def need to know that first. Ugh Lincoln, you’re making my brain hurt, I’m gonna get back to working on backgrounds now, and maybe someday this blog will catch up to me-see ya! ZING>>>


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