Importance of Dreaming Animatics, Voice and Music

So after storyboards comes the wonderful world of Animatics! It is great to bring the script and storyboard images together and see a glimpse of what the final production will be.

I scanned in all my boards, and created the animatic in Final Cut Pro. I recorded a scratch track of my own voice for the narrator. Later I will be recording in a sound studio, but I am still figuring out whether I will use my own voice or someone else’s. I’m planning to record a couple versions and see what works best.

The animatic also needs music. Music is so important to a film. It can bring you into the moment or take you out of it, so it was really important to me to find the right music. In talking with my mentor, ex-colleague, and friend-composer and AV instructor Terry Gadsden about acquiring music rights, he suggested I just ask the artists if I could use the music for free. This had never occurred to me, but when I did find the piece I wanted [The Dream Pod by He-Lux], I tracked down the artist -Jörg Fiedler, which took about a month contacting previous producers  and sites and them sending me to various other people, until I finally found him! He lives in Germany and when I explained how much I loved his music, and wanted to use it for my film, he was extremely flattered and gave me full permission to use it. He told me he did it as a hobby years ago, and we had a great back an forth about his process and work, as he also did graphic design. AND he even sent me a super high quality version of the track! It was so great! Listen to it here-The Dream Pod-He-Lux

The other track I found for the falling in love scenes, I am still  in the works to get permissions. I thought, until just now, the site which I found it had full permissions for commercial use, but upon searching another site it says “NOT for commercial use”, so I’m going to have to check on that. The song is amazing and the lyrics for me just sum up the film, as I think of the ‘remembering’ parts as having to do with Alzheimer’s. My parents were best friends and so the song title just popped out at me, you can listen here-Best Friends by The Dream Pop Project

Here’s the Lyrics too-More for me than you-haha

Best Friends-The Dream Pop Project

No one
Knows me more
Than you
Than you do

Do you remember
How close we were?
Do you remember
How fun it was?

No more
Drinks for me
Rewind my life

I still remember
How close we were
Do you remember
How close we were?

No one
Knows you more
Than I do
Than I do

So sad and beautiful! Every time I hear it it makes me freaking cry!!! So doing the animatic where I am scrubbing through the track a million times was a real joy!  It was so cool to find this song, now I am hoping I can get the permissions! Wish me luck!

So once you have all the ingredients:

  • Images
  • Voice Over
  • Music
  • Some Sound Effects

Take that and mix it all up real good in Final Cut, add two parts patience and one part “I’m gonna lose my shit on this computer” and voila! You have an animatic. I think it took me 2 weeks? a lot longer than I thought it would, it was a constant back and forth as I wanted it to be as accurate to timing as I could, for animating later, as I will want to animate to the music emphasizing beats and using the music to my advantage to keep in the moment, maybe it was a week? but I just remember I was like: “This is taking way longer than I thought it would.” Anyway, I am mostly pleased, BUT once I finish Backgrounds, I need to go back and do another pass on it, as I need to edit this down to simplified perfection! -Oh the pressure!

So without further adieu, here is a sneak peek of the beginning of the Animatic for The Importance of Dreaming:


OK so I also wanted to give a little “Screw You/Thank You” Shout Out to this producer guy I once met. This quote reminded me of him. I attended the Ottawa International Animation Festival bringing my animation students for like, years. The films I saw really inspired me to create this film, and the last year attended, I met this producer dude and we were talking away about the festival, and his work etc. I was saying how inspired I was and that I was planning to making my own film to submit! This dudes response was, “Well even if you actually complete your film, you’ll never get in there’s so many other really good films and blah blah blah I’m a douche bag.”-at least that’s how I remember it. (I’m not sure how he knew there were so many better films, since I didn’t even tell him my idea? but Anyhoo)

All I could think was “This is supposed to be a place for artists to get together to become inspired and to see what everyone else is doing, and this f*@ker was just so negative.” Maybe also I was thinking about being protective of not only my own students, but the hundreds of students that were there to be inspired by industry professionals. Imagine if he said that to a student? I mean Spleesh!  There’s a bit more to this story about our conversation that really pushed my buttons that I will keep in the vault, just in case I ever have to kiss this guys ass, haha (never burn a bridge).But suffice it to say,  the producer dude, who I now think of as Debbie Downer, has pushed me further than I could imagine!  He was right-it IS really freaking hard to make a film, but when you have the inspired seed of hatred as your constant companion you can never give up!

SO THANK YOU Debbie Downer, you may be the freaking wind beneath my wings! Cheers to you! I WILL get into the OIAF and then I will kill you with politeness and nonchalance.

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