“BG Process” or “Torture by Birchbark”

My Background Process or as I like to call it “Torture by Birchbark” I probably should have started with my BG process at the beginning of all this Background business, but such is art. For me it has no beginning, no end, only doing and not doing. So I guess this blog will be true to my… Continue reading “BG Process” or “Torture by Birchbark”

Importance of Dreaming Backgrounds & Motivation Part II

Backgrounds & Motivation Part II Backgrounds continue, but I am near completion. I actually have 54 out of 62 BG’s completed! I met with my mentor Terry Gadsden last week and told him about my progress- to which he shockingly replied “Most feature films don’t have that many BG’s!” HAHAHA I was like WHAT???? Oh well,… Continue reading Importance of Dreaming Backgrounds & Motivation Part II

Layouts, Backgrounds and Digital Painting

Yeah I put 3 things there in the title, but for the purpose of my film they are all the same thing! I am what I like to call “background lazy”. Maybe that is just being lazy? Who’s to judge? Stop judging me! -but what it means is that I’m a step skipper…dun, dun, dun DUNNNNN!… Continue reading Layouts, Backgrounds and Digital Painting