Can You Hear Me Now? “Voice Recording”

Sometimes the best thing you can do is STOP. DROP and ROLL-OK I just had to add those other 2 in, because I’ve been subliminally programmed by commercials from the 80’s, you don’t usually have to drop & roll, but let me tell you it’s way funnier if you do!

So I have been on a small hiatus, but it has been the best thing for creativity, because even though I have not been physically doing work, I have been figuring out many things in my head. This has helped me solve many problems, and I am excited to be getting back to my film with renewed enthusiasm.

I met with my mentor Terry Gadsden who helped me record my final audio. He was great at directing me, and we really had a fun time! At one point we were talking about this one line, and I was like OK yeah I get it, then I went in the sound booth to do the line, all jazzed up, and he was like “NOPE.” hahaha he said it so matter of fact, and I also knew it was not right, then I just started laughing like a maniac! Then I wanted him to take my picture with my phone and the result was neither of us knew what we were doing! It was a great day and we both felt we got some good audio! T & T Dyn-o-mite!-That’s our catch phrase.

I had originally wanted to record earlier, but it was really a great thing that it happened when it did, because it allowed me time, to think more about the story. I originally wanted maybe my mother to voice the narration, and had alternately asked my aunt. But when I kept thinking about the story, I really wanted to voice the narration myself.

Possibly out of ego, but it was just what I wanted to do. The more I thought about the story, the more I realized I am the story teller. And that is why I want to narrate the story. In the end, the story concludes in the future, (or present) where there have been many unions between animals, and there will be a grown version of my character, talking to a group of animal children. Which makes a lot of sense, probably to not to you right now, since you have no idea what the whole story is, BUT it makes a great difference to the story and the point of view.

So, anyways the moral of this story is that sometimes stopping and doing nothing is the best thing you can do to actually keep moving forward. I’m sure that is the title of some country song, and it is also great advice for anything you do! Maybe with the exception of  roller-coasters, planes mid-air, just stopping your car in the middle of traffic grabbing your baseball bat, ala Falling Down starring Michael Douglas. I mean, yes, he needed to stop. He REALLY should have just kept stopping, but NO he kept going, and look where that got him, quiet the mess I’d say. But it was fun to see him break shit with a bat. What does that have to do with film making? Well, yes, sometimes you feel like breaking shit with a bat out of frustration. I am sure we all feel that way about things sometimes. And that is precisely WHEN you know to stop. It is the signal.

I will be starting animation on my film and that will most likely be the topic of my next post. Here’s some sketches of the different foxes.



This dude is Zen Master John Daido Loori, I’ve never seen a bigger shit eating grin in my life. This dude looks happy for reals! I think he knows something. But even if he doesn’t he was like the REAL guy in charge of the Dharma Initiative! hahaha ,well maybe not the one from Lost. I have always had a hard time emptying myself of this incessant flow of thoughts, I think strictly BECAUSE I have a hard time keeping still! Why would you want to be still when you can be doing! DOING DOING DOING!!! well “Doing” can be tiresome over time. And yes, I have to admit to myself that I need to take breaks. I get so many ideas, that there isn’t enough time, or enough me to do them all. Becoming a producer of animation, has made me re-evaluate my idea about animation. Animation for television is much different than creating an art form. It is, yes an art form in an of itself, simply from the process by which it is made, it is a real feat of speed and energy. But art takes time, and I need to allow myself that time, and know it’s OK.  AND I know it will make my production better. But now the break is done, and I will forge on with new found passion and restored energy.

Follow my production blog for more production stuff about my animated short and my steady decline into the abyss of creativity.


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