Importance of Dreaming

Creating the Illusion of Love OR: I am the Magician and Roy is ze Magic!

I watched this documentary about Siegfried and Roy: The Magic Box at the IMAX theatre back when IMAX only showed fancy documentaries. One of my favourite parts is when Siegfried says “I am the magician, but Roy is ze MAGIC!”. So romantic! I think magic has a lot to do with romance. AND since my film is about love, I think I needed to add a bit of magic as well.

OMG Look at that love, this was ONE of their ideas, and the other one went along with it!!! I mean seriously, it could not be possible for them both to be like, you know what I was thinking “Open white dress shirts staring into the distance”-in unison. I bet it was Roy’s idea, since he is the Magic!

I am currently in animation production, and though I do have a plan, sometimes you need to change or pivot to make things more synchronous. So it is in life, so it is in animation. I have been animating a few scenes and added a few scenes as well, to make my story flow and also be more true to life. The main character in my story actually lacked a motivation. WHY does OWL love FOXX? there really was no reason before other than she loved him. I know this is weird, because you don’t know the whole story for my film, but trust me motivation is important in creating the illusion of life, and the illusion of LOVE.   So I needed to create that.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 7.35.09 PM

FOXX is curious, more curious than the other members of her skulk (that’s a fun word for a group of foxes ;). She is the first to notice OWL and that makes him curious about her. She then drags him along to join in the run with the skulk. If that’s not a reason to love her, I don’t know what is 🙂 But at the very least it is the start and motivation for their friendship and their love grows from there. My Mother told me that she was friends with my Dad first, and I think that is so important in romantic relationships. and so I needed to show this in my film. When things out of the ordinary happen, that is the magic. “Why would an Owl love a fox? Why would a Fox love an Owl?” I will show you why, because I’ve seen it with my own two eyes, and it was Magic.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 7.34.46 PM

Initially I also had OWL scaring the foxes when they met (in a cute way! c’mon, it made sense for months and months!) but that really didn’t make sense, and wasn’t convincing as to why the foxes would like OWL. THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC COMES IN! See I get back to things. My father was a great magician! Well, maybe not Siegfried and Roy great, but he did magic shows at all me, my brother and my sister’s birthday parties for around 16 years in total. He could do this thing turning a handkerchief into a mouse, that would always entertain kids and even me as an adult. (Holy S#!+ that’s how you spell hand-ker-chief, what the hell, I always thought it was hanker, like I got a hanker for a hunk of cheese. OK I’m not much of an adult.)

Ok Mind blown. So my Dad was the best, of course, that why I’m making this film inspired by him. And he would use magic to make friends and put people at ease. He could pull a quarter from your ear, or make it disappear, this is turning into a rhyme, but I really don’t have the time, to make the rest Seussian, what rhymes with Seussian? nothing. Is it even a word, spellcheck doesn’t like it. Carrying on.


So I had to add some magic to my film, here is a sneak peek a scene I call Twins Magic Pine Cone. Hahaha also, my scenes have names. I have so few that I named them, also to be able to know what’s what when I go back.

Magic. It’s what I’m doing! Inspired by my Dad Joseph Audibert! AHHA! So I am the Magician now, I just need my Roy! Hahaha Magic was a huge part of my life growing up, and I am glad it is still a part of my life today. I want there to be more magic in the world. More wonders and more believers.

Oh Roald Dahl! I feel like I used one of your many quotes before, hahaha, well this is awesome and befitting! IF you don’t know about him, look him up! -a British novelist, short story writer, poet, screenwriter, and fighter pilot- I mean come on Roald stop making us all look like assholes over here! Check out these quotes, I just can’t help myself, sorry to digress, but it must be done:

“A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.”-Roald Dahl
I mean OMG!!! YES! If you don’t like it you are dumb! and he says it so nice! HAHAHA *heart*
” am only 8 years old, I told myself. No little boy of 8 has ever murdered anyone. It’s not possible.”-Roald Dahl

AND THIS!!! OMG!! UGH! ROALD DAHL WHY ARE YOU SO DEAD!!! You could have been my ROY!!!! HAHAHA

You probably recognize him from the movies, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach-but these were the books of my childhood, and Roald Dahl was the Pied Piper of my imagination through magical lands and creations. No movie could come close to the magic that took place in my head and propelled me to make my own stories. (HAHAHA, I doubt my younger self ever thought of marrying Roald, and I’m sure 12 year old Tara would be appalled at the thought.)


You gotta get outside your comfort zone! Nothing worthwhile in life  is effortless. Sometimes the effort is just doing things in a way you’ve never done them before. If you’re are a planner, forego the plans, if you’ve never planned, why not make a plan and follow it and see what happens. When you think about things you start to notice them everywhere, like when you know about a certain car, and then you see them all the time, or your sister gets pregnant then you see pregnant women everywhere!!! What was that all about? It works the same with magic! Once you start to think about it, you can see it everywhere, in LOVE of course, that’s an easy one, in the people around you, in your work, in nature, in my dog Burke! This Dog can BOIOIOING like nobody’s business! I couldn’t ask for a more animated companion! He IS the embodiment of Chuck Jone’s Frisky Puppy!

I mean look at this crazy maniac! We are meant to be together! HAHAHA Plus so Handsome!

I need to get back to animating, I have pivoted in my plan, and all the things I have done to this point I am very pleased with! So Self-High 5! You are doing great, keep doing what you are doing and stuff will keep getting done!

No this ISN’T ME, it’s Tina Fey. But I often look like this in real life. Just not as pixely.

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