The Importance of Dreaming Trailer and How Quantum Physics Drives this Film

An old lonely Owl dreams of having his own family.  In his travels he comes upon a large skulk of foxes playing together. Owl thinks they are beautiful and he watches over them for many days and nights. He wishes he could have such a beautiful family. One Fox is different, she notices Owl and watches him. Owl flies down to meet her and showing off his charms, becomes a part of the skulk. Foxx and Owl fall in love, but their love is met with contention driving Foxx and Owl away to try to find happiness together.


The film is finally finished and I will be entering it into several film festivals over the next year, as well as having my own premier screening here in Miramichi, NB.

The idea behind the story has to do with my father having Alzheimer’s.  He had already passed away when I thought of this, but people suffering from Alzheimer’s at times are not fully with the rest of us, BUT that doesn’t mean they are nowhere, they are SOMEWHERE, we just don’t know where. Sometimes Alzheimer’s/Dementia sufferers seem to go back in time to early memories. My idea behind the film was that maybe my father was here, thinking about his life and earlier memories.

My second thought was, why would this alternate place have to be like here? And maybe it was like a dream. Then I found the Abenaki Legend “Creation Story and The Importance of Dreaming” which is about the Creator dreams of how she will fill the world, but the dream is crazy where all the animals eat each other and there is chaos everywhere, and when the Creator wakes from the dream everything has become reality. In the end the Creator see that everything has it’s place and purpose in time to come.

Once I put the two together we get Quantum Physics!!! Yes, my film is actually a nerdy representation of quantum physics! Because it’s like this- My father has the dream when he is much older and has Alzheimer’s, but the dream is of what has already happened in his life, but he cannot really remember in his current time. He dreams of this beautiful family, and his dreams come true, but in the past. Therefore he had to have Alzheimer’s to forget about his life to be able to dream for and want it. Once the dream happened it became reality for him, his younger self.

So, why would my father not be able to dream of having a family when he was actually younger? Good questions! And here is there crazy answer-he never thought about having a family or wanting a family when he was younger or dreaming of it maybe because he had been a Catholic Priest. It could not have been his dream. He has been groomed to become a priest from a very young age because he was the 7th son of a 7th son, very Lucky! and very special! But anyone who knew my father can attest that we were the lucky ones to have had him in our lives.

He became a priest and lived a life loving and doing the work of God. He was well traveled and educated, but was a rebel and spoke out (as many of his siblings are and were as well), and was punished by being sent to an Indian Reservation far in the woods of New Brunswick.

There he met many Maliseet people and he loved Tobique! He was the Bre’r Rabbit in the Bre’r Patch! He loved his punishment. But he also saw how the Maliseet people were treated by the church, and other things the church asked of him he did not agree with. So he decided to leave the priesthood and left Tobique. After a time he returned to Tobique, he loved it there! and he wrote to my mother often, they had been friends, and he had been close to my mother’s family. He even tried to get her to marry the boyfriend she was with, and convince her she would learn to love him. But my mother did not agree.

Then one Christmas, he asked my mother to marry him. She said YES! So he went to my Mo-Mo (grandfather) and asked for his blessing. He said NO! But they loved each other and so they eloped and left the reserve, and left my mothers family, until…. I was born! Then my mothers family, especially my Me-Me (grandmother) could not stay away as I was the 1st grandchild! They did already love my father so, I think it was not so difficult to be a family once more, and there was much love in my entire family as it grew to include my brother and many years later, my sister.

This is the background to the thought process of my story. It is a very personal story and within the animation there are some very personal parts. The Owl has 3 glimmers in his eye and that is a story my parents always told us, when we asked where we came from? before we learned about the birds and the bees, and they would say, before you were here, you were just a glimmer in your fathers eye. When my sister arrived as a “surprise”, 8 years after me, we were like, what? we thought you didn’t have any glimmers left??? and they said, oh! there must have been one hiding back there and that was my sister Kateri!

Anyways! None of this is in the actual film! LOL but I wanted to have a little record of my thought process in the making of the idea for the story.

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